2 day break

from a 3 day fast, gained back 4 of the pounds I lost. Quite a bummer. Started a 4 day fast today so we’ll see if i can get back down to 142, hopefully lower. then a couple day break followed by a 7 day fast. I just want to get steadily into the 130s. I know I can do it.

144.6 today

means another goal weight. 


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Haven’t done anything in a while

back to fasting and losing the pounds i gained back from stupid college. 

Been fasting around 49 hours, trying to go off and on.It’s going alright. 

Day 1: FAST 152.6

Day 2: 148.6

Day 3: FAST 149.6

Day 4: 147.8

Day 5: FAST 149.6

Day 6: FAST 147.4

Day 7: (now) 145.8 

It goes up and down but 7 pounds in 7 days isn’t bad. Not too hard either. I recommend starting learning how to fast by taking it slow, a couple breaks in between, and add a couple hours or a day here or there onto your fast. On the days I eat I don’t binge but I eat until I’m full and pretty much eat whatever I want within reason, and I work out, where on fasts I usually just walk. This off and on fasting has helped me lose a lot of weight before because it’s REALLY easy to stick to. I’m going to maybe fast tomorrow, maybe take a break and try a 3 day starting Friday. Hopefully I’ll be solid at 130 by 2013. 

I need to stop eating again :(

I need to get

My motivation back! summer is coming. I’m slacking! I need to get down to 130. Let’s do this.

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